#111- Do A Hard Day’s Work

I recall a day one summer where my father and I reprinted all the stairs and trim on our summer house it’s usual green. It took most of the day. Afterwards we sat in lawn chairs in the backyard and he had a beer while I had the best orange soda of my life. We drank in silence. I was eight.

I believe there are fair few feelings in life better than hanging your tool belt up after a long day’s work and putting your feet up somewhere, mud still caked on your boots, and a quarter inch of sweat and sawdust between you and your shirt.

I get the feeling that that might seem uncomfortable to someone who’s never experienced it, but I can say without pretension or exaggeration, that I like few things more.

I built a shed today- me, a buddy of mine, and four high schoolers- a perfect mix of experience and enthusiasm. Set a level foundation, built a floor, framed the walls, sided it, built trusses, and put a roof on the thing. And I’m beat.

If it wasn’t a service trip on which I was a chaperone, I’d say some beers were in order- well, either way, beers are in order, I just can’t provide them. Orange soda will just have to suffice, even if I’m the only one who gets a pang of nostalgia from it. At any rate, it was pretty great.

Try it some time.

(pictures to follow as soon as I hit civilization)









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