#7- Man Up

I am watching- not entirely soberly, but none-the-less, watching Life as We know It.  You can ask me why, and on face value, I don’t have a very good reason.  Except, well, I have a Godson.  Yikes, there is a poop joke.

Anyway, I have a Godson.  Fortunately (depending on how you look at it), being a Godfather in this day and age means very few things- kick ass birthday and Christmas presents, and make sure you pick them up real high when you see them.  Pretty straightforward.  Fortunately, my cousin Tommy (same Tommy from #967) is a smart enough guy that I’m sure that he has a contingency plan, should anything happen, and I would bet that it doesn’t involve me.  And that’s what I’m talking about.  This movie is about two assholes who, by fortune of being good friends with people, end up being in charge of their child when they die.  And just now there was a breakdown scene where the female lead complains about getting stuck with the kid instead of jewelry.  I’ve seen Raising Helen.  I like Raising Helen.  It’s because Kate Hudson‘s character steps up to bat.  Her sister dies and leaves her kids to Kate Hudson’s character (Helen), and you know what Helen does?  Moves into a shittier apartment, takes a shittier job, and does her fucking best.

In this movie, THESE CHARACTERS ARE INTERVIEWING MOURNERS AT A WAKE TO TAKE THE CHILD OFF THEIR HANDS.  Pathetic.  Infuriating.  I realize I am not the best.  I realize I am not the modern example of a Godfather.  I realize I am currently unemployed.  But!  God damnit there is a big fucking BUT, if anything happened…(and that is far and away the furthest I am willing to discuss/contemplate this)  and are you FUCKING kidding me?  The guy just left a baby in a cab.  Fuck this shit movie.  Anyway, my point is, if anything happened, nothing would stop me from taking three jobs, sucking the dick of McDonalds, eating shit at Chili‘s, pumping gas at Citgo, whatever it takes.  How do you not accept that responsibility?  But look, I got asked to be my Godson’s Godfater.  But here’s the thing- it doesn’t stop there.  You befriend someone and you fucking step up.  They have hot friends, and that’s the only reason you’re friends with them?  Well, that’s shitty but you know what, when his grandfather dies, you still make a fucking appearance.  Sorry for the language, this movie is pissing me off.  He just said the kid that they adopted is not his kid.  Pathetic.  Life is just a series of things going horribly not your way.  Either you deal with it or you don’t.  Either you realize that you are or you are not the center of the universe.  You can live your life for the greater glory of god or for the greater glory of yourself, or you can just live the best that you can.

Maybe it’s just that I don’t have the- in my opinion- short sighted goals that make me think of my career before other things in my life, but I like human beings.  I make a connection with them, and it does not take long for that connection to root deep.

I guess it’s mostly a sports reference, or a reference to men not taking enough initiative, or some bullshit.  What I, though, am saying when I say, ‘Man Up,’ is- Do what needs to be done.  I am a broken record.  Proudly so.  Do what needs doing.  Should the occasion arise that I am called to truly Godfather my Godson, I’ll forgo my own personal atheism and raise the good Catholic that my cousin would want, I’ll make sure he roots for the Buffalo Bills, I’ll make sure he eats well, loves his siblings, works hard in school, and whatever else I need to.  What I won’t do is try to unload him as soon as pathetically possible.  I have this weak-ass tendency to love the people I care about, so I’ll be god-damned if I turn away one of their kin just because I think I can’t handle it.  I will change and adapt and grow and be better tomorrow than I am tonight to make sure that the kid has a decent shake at taking on the world.

So I’ll sum up this rambling, incoherent post by saying this-

When everything is going to hell, if you’re not the one that your friend turns to, what good a friend are you, anyway?

The Step- Man up–when it counts.

Have I Done It Yet- Here’s hoping I’ll never have to.


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