#9,662- Black Tie Optional Means Black Tie Mandatory

It is nearly impossible to be overdressed-  usually, if someone is overdressed, they instantly become the best-dressed guy at the party and everyone else looks a bit…shabby.

There is a point, somewhere a few years after prom, when you own a watch with a leather band and can grow some semblance of facial hair, when tuxedos actually look good on you.  You should take advantage of this fact whenever the opportunity arises, especially because unless you live some sort of uber-rich or James Bondian existence, you rarely get a chance to wear a tux.

So when a wedding invite arrives and it says ‘Black Tie Optional,’ you know that there will be guys in attendance wearing this:

And should you choose to wear a suit, you will, by comparison, look a bit like this:

And truthfully, a guy walking into a dingy bar in a tuxedo is a lot more likely to turn some heads, and get some attention (which may or may not be a bad thing).  If things turn south, you can always take your jacket off, take out your cufflinks, roll your French cuffs, wax the tips of your mustache, and stand ready for a few rounds of the Queen’s.  If the guy hasn’t either hit you or started laughing, he’ll realize you mean business and probably rethink his choice.
If, on the other hand, no one challenges you to fight, I can imagine there might be some females of the female variety who’s eye you might catch.

There’s no disadvantage to being well dressed.  People take you more seriously.  You certainly get fewer disapproving looks to your drunken antics as they assume you’re in a state of joviality over some life changing event you’ve just witnessed/taken part in.  The chicks dig the bow tie.  You’re more likely to get into a bar/club/restaurant looking like your budget’s version of a million bucks.

Really, there’s no such thing as overdressed.  Protip- shine those fucking shoes.  It makes all the difference.

Sorry this post sucked, Jackson, I’m just getting back on the wagon.


2 responses to “#9,662- Black Tie Optional Means Black Tie Mandatory

  1. *this rule doesn’t apply if you’re as good looking as I am, as you’ll always be the best looking sonofabitch in the room.

    P.S. the coach said “that didn’t (your post) didn’t suck.”

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