#50- Be Prepared For Adventure

I believe in wearing what you want– that is, whatever makes you comfortable.  If it works for you, I guess I can deal with it.  I’m not advocating heading to Coney Island with your wang out, or necessarily this:

I’m just saying, wear what you like.

But a few months back, the guy I used to work for, was telling me over a pint how his no-longer-a-teenager son wears his trousers(the guy is Irish) at half mast, and he asked me why I chose to wear my pants around my waist.  I said to him, ‘In case I have to run.’  He looked at me, then laughed.  He loved it.  But it’s true.  What if there is a fire?  What if some guy gets hit by a car outside?  What if I need to fucking kick some asshole in the head?  What if I need two hands for any reason what so ever?

I’m all for fashion.  Most of that shit looks the same to me, but, in general I have no complaints.  I believe fundamentally in jeans during construction, in English style 3 piece suits, in waterproof jackets, boots that fit well and are comfortable, and defer toward wearing a tie over not wearing one.  And I believe in being ready.

Thanks to my buddy Tim, awhile back I read a book called Emergency: This Book Will Save Your Life by Neil Strauss.  It details the careful preparations he has made in the years since September 11th to be prepared for the collapse of western civilization.  It is certainly worth the read, and I advocate, at least in theory (avoiding the whole letting it become a dangerous obsession that nearly takes over your life), what he’s talking about.

The point most prevalent is that it takes an attitude adjustment in order to be ready for whatever comes down the pipe.  I always joke to my friends that I think I’d be particularly easy to kidnap because all someone would have to do is approach me on the street and say, ‘Hey JP- I’m from the future.  We need you to come with us to save the world.’  And I would be in.  I’d be robbing banks like mother fuckin’ Patty Hearst.

It’s not that I’m naive, obviously that is a joke, but what I mean is, I think someone has to be ready for things to not go according to plan.  Cars break down (try changing your oil- #119), planes get delayed, you randomly start talking to the Mayor of Waterloo, North Dakota at the bar one night, and decide to give him a tour of Grand Central and take him to The Campbell Apartment, so you’re a bit late meeting your friends for dinner.  Most delays are a hassle, but occasionally the thing keep you from your destination is a poorly disguised chance at being able to tell the best travel story of all time(#7,819- Tell Good Stories).

But if your mind is not in a place where you can see the hiccups of life as opportunities as opposed to catastrophes, if you’re not ready and willing for that Great American Adventure, well, you must be a pretty miserable asshole, anyway.

So my man Neil Strauss advocates having Bug-Out Bags, weapons training, Dual Citizenship, the whole nine.  I’d say start with a good knife and an open mind, and go from there…

The Step-  Be Ready

Have I Done It Yet- Again, it’s one of those How You Live Your Life kind of steps, but, I’d like to think so.

This Author’s Total Points- 8.5


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