#21- Stop Complaining.

Clearly I’m a dork because I browse reddit and know that hashtag FirstWorldProblems is a twitter topic that is trending.  I met a girl tonight who fucking complained for the duration of the time we spent together, and she was just the sister of the girl I intended to see.  She complained the entire time we were in talking distance about how a guy she has a class with didn’t call her tonight, even though he had asked her out in the past and she turned him down because she is fucking married (to a very cool guy, btw), and I guess it just made me realize how often I complain about bullshit instead of enjoying what time I do have.

Two weekends ago, a very good pal of mine was in town for the first time in about six months, but I was so exhausted and fed up with my job, that all I did the whole time I was with him was complain about my job and obsess about how tired I was.

Resolved:  I’m not saying I’ll live just in the moment, but rather, I will appreciate the moment for what it is and not let it be dampened by outside forces.

Basically, quit your (and my) bellyaching.  I have a job, I eat, I sleep in a relatively safe environment.  My life could be worse.

The Step-  There was a sign at a bar I used to work in- ‘Quitcherbitchin’  Yea.

Have I Done It Yet-  I think this is one that takes only a commitment to change- but it can be just as easily taken away, so, from this point on, yea.

This Author’s Total Man Points- 2.5



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