#848- Pack a Lunch

Seems like a simple one.  I’m sure most people had someone do it for them at one point in their lives, and I truly believe that it is an art form, done properly.

So let’s get down to it-

Healthy Snack
Snack the kid will actually eat

Now the sandwich, at least for me, from kindergarten through eighth grade, was always peanut butter and jelly.  There is though, a major problem with peanut butter and jelly (besides your panty-waist son being pathetically allergic to peanut butter, one of the last great hopes of mankind), and that is that the jelly soggies up the bread.  You pack that thing of beauty at 6:30 a.m. and by noon one side of the sandwich is paper-thin and purple and doesn’t resemble anything close to edible.  Fear not- there is a solution to this delicious disaster, though it took me until age 20 to learn it.  Spread peanut butter on both sides of the bread!  Genius.  Have to thank my friend Mike for introducing me to such a simple and perfect solution to the ruined pbjs of yore.  It still doesn’t take a genius to keep your pb:j ratio healthy either.

So bag that lunch, and send that gem out with your little adventurer one sunny morning and never fear that he (or she for fuck’s sake) will be disappointed in your culinary creation.

The Step- Slap together a pbj that will keep the properties of a sandwich for more than an hour.

Have I Done It Yet- It’s the only way to fly.


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