#100- Drive Manual.

Automatics, are, to paraphrase Clint Eastwood, ‘for pussies.’  Honestly I could name the million reasons why driving a clutch is better, but those of you who drive clutch already know and those who don’t just won’t understand.

Also, when you google the word, ‘clutch,’ the first fifteen pictures are of Manual transmissions of some sort or another, then there’s a picture of a band of Manly Looking Men who’s band name is apparently, ‘Clutch,’ all before you get to the women’s purse version of a clutch.  Which is either a good sign, or just more proof that the internet is full of men.  Or at least humans with outies, I don’t know if they yet qualify.

The reason I write this is that while violently hungover and exhausted last weekend I had to drive home from Boston, and I gave my friend Boobs a ride.  As much as a champion of freedom and justice as he is for keeping me awake and alive, he doesn’t know how to drive a clutch, so I had to do the whole drive like a zombie.  Nothing against road tripping or long drives (#200 and #1,000 respectively), I just needed to tag out and there wasn’t anyone on my team.

The Step- Learn to and then Drive Manual. Or don’t learn and just do it.

Have I Done it Yet- Fuck yes.

This Author’s Total Man Points- 2.5  (Started complaining again like a punk ass)



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