#5,559- Pay Your Plate at a Wedding

Notice wedding ring. Converse just makes a classy shoebox.

Transformers place settings are nice, but what a bride and groom most likely actually want is to avoid that crippling debt closely associated with weddings. Go up to the best man, say, ‘Hey, I’d like to make sure I cover my plate (and my plus one if the situation requires), what should I make this check out for?’  Or something along those lines, then fill a shoebox with cash or write a check and make that your fucling gift, crystal vases be damned. What the bride and groom really want is that sweet, sweet cheddar. Give it to them, they’ve had a long day.

Protip:  Make the wrapping paper shitty or the caterers will be flush with cash, not your intended recipient.

The Step-  Pay the bride and groom what it cost them to invite you.  No mooching.

Have I Done It Yet-  I still have the Chucks.

This Author’s Total Man Points- 2.5



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