#967- Solving a Problem- In Public

So this one takes a bit of explaining.  What I mean is, for example, breaking up a fight in the middle of the street like Ryan Gosling did a month or two ago.  Notcie all the ‘men’ milling about, not really wanting to get involved.  Props to the baby Goose for injecting himself into the situation to figure it out and just get it done.  +1 for him on the manly scale.

I’ve got a true story that pretty much sums up what I’m trying to say.  A few years ago, I was with my cousin Tommy a few days after Christmas at GameStop.  Tommy was buying a game for his niece for our family’s Secret Santa.  Tommy is about 6’5”, and he’s got some kids of his own and he coaches rugby and Irish football

Anyway, if you’ve ever been to GameStop, you know that the way they operate leads to MASSIVE lines.  They keep all the games in drawers behind the counter, so you bring up an empty copy and they go through and find the game.  It takes time.  Days after Christmas, obviously everyone is returning shit or, like us, buying shit for relatives they didn’t see on the actual day.  Back to the point.  Tommy and I are about 5th in line, on a line of about 15 people, and we’ve already been waiting about ten minutes.  Out of nowhere, this guy storms up.  Middle-aged guy all flustered, and he demands to see the manager.  The manager walks up, and he’s a kid probably 19/20, and the guy just goes off on him.  Saying that the line is ridiculous and that he’s never gonna come back and all this crap, and the manager is totally cowed.  So the manager says (classic manager 101 line here) ‘What can I do to fix this?’  Your middle-aged guy says, ‘I just need a $50 gift card.’  And the manager starts to get it for him.  That is literally the reason everyone is on line, we all just need to buy something.  Everyone on line is quietly outraged.  But it’s clear this guy just cut the line quite successfully.

But then, Tommy says, ‘If he gets helped before anyone on this line, there’s going to be a problem here.’  The guy turns toward Tommy, full of bluster and ready to go, but then he gets a look at him, puts his head down, and I shit you not, walks quietly to the back of the line.  Spectacular.  I was in awe.  When we finally got out of there, I told Tommy that that was one of the best things I’d ever been a witness to, and he didn’t find anything special about it.

The Step- Do what’s right because it’s right, and do it in public so that the eyes of weak-titty onlookers are seeing a man doing something manly.

Have I done it yet- Not nearly as well as Tommy, so no, not yet.

This author’s total man points- 0


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