#18- Read

I’ve heard that it is hard to change someone’s opinion, if it differs from your own, by arguing or debating with them.  People generally need to come to their own conclusions in order to feel like it is their own.

Fortunately, reading always seems like you are learning something new and forming your own opinion, even though it is really the author that is guiding you there.

I believe you must be constantly expanding your own horizons, constantly reshaping your own opinions on the world, how you view it, and how you exist in it.

Fortunately, there is much knowledge out there in the world.  And there is also much drivel.  Frankly, it doesn’t matter to me what you read, so long as you are reading something.

But you must be an active participant in your own education.  That is why you can read anything- because as long as it is forcing you to think, then it is making you better.

So crush out the entire series of the Animorphs, all 64 tomes.  If it makes you dream of the heavens, if it makes you view the other life forms that share this planet, if for one second that you watch a bird in flight you can long to touch the clouds on wings of your own, well then I think it was time well spent.

But you can also read The Great Gatsby and start looking for the grit behind the glamour, or 1984 and fight for your right to privacy, or The Power of One and fight for equal rights for all as you fight for your own place in the world.

My point is simply that a smattering of ink on a page can open whole new worlds, can give you insight into the thoughts of others and see how they view the world.  Differing opinions can bring us all closer together when viewed in the right context and with the right frame of mind.

Read.  Do it for those who would come after you.  Do it to make the world a better place.  Do it for the opportunity for enlightenment.  Do it because on a rainy summer day, there are few things better than listening to the rain and falling so far into the pages of a good book, that night seems to quickly follow dawn and meals are left uneaten.  Find the unbridled joy in enjoying reading because you just can’t put the book down.

Read.  Daily.  Something.  Right now I’m working on a book about Chess Tactics.  I will be better at chess tomorrow than I was today.


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