#9- Drive A Nail, #662 Inherit Tools, #9,987 Leave Tools For Your Son To Inherit

It’s a simple one but god damnit every man should do work that requires some elbow grease.  Find a hammer that works for you, I’ve got a few- a 25 oz Framing Hammer with a waffled driving face which is ridiculous and mostly for show, but I got it because it has one of those magnetic nail-loaders on it.  That’s probably about the best invention on a classic simple tool I’ve ever seen.

Fair warning this guy seems like a creep, but you can see what I’m talking about:

I’ve also got a 16 oz standard claw hammer, and this, which is just ridiculous.

I have a video of me using the thing but it apparently costs $60 to upload videos to wordpress, which is about 8 hours of work for me to buy so I can’t afford that yet.

Anyways, the point is, find a hammer you like, with weight you can manage.  Choke down for fuck’s sake.  Hit it, don’t aim.  It’s like shooting a basketball, not a gun.  If you bend the fucking thing, that’s what the claw is for, straighten it out and keep going.  Run your hand over the nail head, when it’s flush with whatever it’s being nailed into (nothing catches on it), you’re fucking done, don’t wait around.  You don’t drive single nails all that often, I’m sure you have more work to do.

Also, the mathematical stuff in the Hammer Wikipedia article is very interesting.

In terms of the other two, they’re pretty straightforward. I borrow my dad’s tools all the time.  His collection is simple and functional, there’s no bullshit in his tool shed.

The Steps- Drive a nail, Inherit Tools, Leave tools for your son to inherit.

Have I Done It Yet- Yes, No and thankfully so since Big John is still around, and halfway, since if have the tools, but as of yet, not the pup.

This Author’s Total Man Points- 1.5




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